About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the community with our innovative and useful tactics and strategies to protect life, liberty, and property. Our highly trained staff coordinates with management to eliminate any issues and safety concerns that are posing on property. We take safety seriously and use every possible resources to conduct our patrols effectively and efficiently. We work closely with emergency providers to ensure that help is right around the corner when necessary.

Community Outreach Hands

Community Outreach Program

We love the community and people that live in it therefore we give back to the community every 6 months at each property in which James Martinez and the security team holds a block party with many vendors such as clowns, amusement rides, and snacks and foods to bring the whole community together so we can strengthen and build value, trust and integrity between the security team and the community.

Meet Our Team

  • Family owned and operated since 2012.
  • Dedicated team of excellence.
  • Every security officer is fully trained by a supervisor and commissioned under Texas Department of public safety Private security Bureau.
    We have adopted the principles of the constitution in which we make it a promise to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness this means that we are committed and dedicated throughout our entire project in keeping the peace and contributing to a safe environment.

About Us

Since our inception we concentrate on only customer satisfaction therefore we will go above and beyond to make sure that everyone who visits or works at any property we service feels safe and happy knowing they have Justice Patrol Services there to protect them.

We are goal oriented therefore we find ways, useful strategies, resources and leads to assist us in our everyday operations that keep us motivated and moving forward, we love suggestions and always find ways to improve our service.

We work closely with local law enforcement to combat, deter, and resolve crimes because we believe in teamwork and understand that a successful operation involved every member of the community.

We spend countless hours training and re training our officers to ensure a efficient and effective security operation at your community.

Our supervisors are not only there to check up on accounts but they also ensure that the clients are completely satisfied with the service they are receiving from Justice Patrol Services they might randomly pop up at any time to interact with clients so that we may meet and exceed our goal of a successful security operation.

We love to give back to the community, on a consistent basis usually every other month we have luncheons with our clients to get to the source of any issues or concerns that may require attention simply because we care.

Supervisor James Martinez holds a monthly safety program that involves the entire community to discuss safety plans and points so that everyone can use, learn, and adapt useful techniques to ensure safety at all times.

We don’t just enforce laws but we also enforce strictly in house rules and regulations from curfew to noise complaints our officers are trained to handle any aspect of private property operations.